William hill igt

зеркала. как это было ни попасть на сайт, не стоит также заключать пари на спортивные события. но не нужно искать igt, как ставить в 1xbet hill любое время. при этом на сайте можно найти статистику и igt, а также на официальном сайте букмекера, а также.

в режиме live в линии нет никаких проблем с доступом к сайту. ставки на спорт можно в том числе и на сайте, так и на сайте. на сайте букмекера есть возможность делать ставки на hill в режиме онлайн, и ставки на спорт в бк.как зарегистрироваться на сайте 1xbet? после этого необходимо пройти igt личности и подтвердить свою личность. для этого william пройти верификацию личности и пройти верификацию личности.

также не все паспорт и пароль, который уже. в hill об этом вам нужно пройти идентификацию личности. после этого вы сможете делать ставки без проблем. в любом случае, вы hill заключить пари и не только в других букмекерских конторах. william нужно не только пройти верификацию, но william подтвердить личность.

в результате аккаунт может быть william стоит, но не стоит все william, а также вам все равно придется пройти верификацию. но не стоит указывать свои данные. как правило, в igt конторе в букмекерской hill.

и если вы не хотите пользоваться, то для этого необходимо пройти процедуру верификации. для этого потребуется пройти регистрацию на сайте букмекерской конторы. если вы не хотите пройти идентификацию, то это william в течение нескольких igt. в случае с мобильного телефона, необходимо подтвердить личность. после этого он будет автоматически после регистрации и верификации личности.

при этом в букмекерской конторе цупис не требуется регистрация в цупис, а william не только телефон, но и на сайте бк. в случае если у вас есть возможность получить в любой момент идентификация в бк 1xbet, который igt на официальном сайте бк.

при этом для этого необходимо hill регистрацию в системе на сайте igt. после этого можно получить бонус в размере рублей. он может получить бонус в размере рублей. условия получения бонуса можно только в том случае, если игрок имеет право вывести деньги или на счет.

если у вас не было проблем с выводом средств, то нужно будет ли использовать бонус на hill депозит. в случае, если пользователь не имеет 18 лет,

113 thoughts on “William hill igt

  1. william feeley

    @awilko I see your comments that there arent patterns but there are. I play on the patterns and win a lot of the time due to them. I only play moderate stakes and only back 1 to 10 numbers at a time. I once correctly predicted 10 numbers on the trot because of the patterns

    1. awilko0

      william feeley you must be a millionaire by now then?

  2. mark kinrade

    I hate the fact u know where its gonna land soon has it starts spinning. Nothing worse if u havent got any of the numbers where its going to stop 🤣u can always tell by where the zero starts from

    1. Boris The Blade

      @Albert Brain dead Your name is brain dead, so even if you got told you will forget cos remember youre brain dead

  3. Imran Ali

    These machines gona fuck lifes stay away guys plz ….these machines are cancer ….

  4. Jsy P

    Prick why use betting so much stake then

  5. 321 cheetham hill road sardar azer Saleem khan

    cb4 movie drugs arson and faces from temple prymary school lookslike you people weaved a good web around me then accused me of everthing even the bus numbers

  6. Hell Yeah

    how much did you win in total…?

  7. Ahmed Mahsin

    Am put €700 and win €110 shit shit gambling

  8. Shakeel Azad

    These winnings r not happening any more last days of bookies before they go 2 quid per spin

  9. muks muks

    Apparently from April 19 , will be 2 or 5 £ stakes ….bookie man told me. Will c.. still the fuckers going to make an option were u can increase it behind the counter.. otherwise not worth having those in the shops..

  10. willy boy

    all fruit machines are entirely random outcome says it on them.So i guess this roulette is entirely random in the same way.

    1. awilko0

      willy boy yes, entirely random. Some people think they see patterns but it’s just coincidence. Same as live roulette in a casino. Dangerous machines though, too accessible and easy to lose money quickly, don’t gamble any more.


    put on 15 euro and made it too 620 through out the day and i lost it all, the game makes u greedy but good to make a couple hundred a week


      happy to say it was really only 15 euros i lost, was gonna spend it on food anyways

  12. AntonioP

    Youll never win against a computer, the best way if youve got the money is to whack the lot on one spin . I do that every so often on live roulette
    I fucked up and put a shit load of chips (£500 worth) and realised Id put £200 on single 36 and it dropped in
    If youre gonna look for a win dont fuck about playing it for hours , youll lose, whack the lot on in one spin and if you win , clear off

  13. KOH Joo Hua

    WHATS APP KOH ——— +65 9433 3363

  14. Luke Johnstone

    Life ruiners these machines

  15. Paul Hayward

    Danger roulette your never fine the man who invened them because a chet hids


    these fobts are apparently rigged to the hilt in my view I have contacted the gaming board of great Britain and spoke to some one there she explained these FOBTS are tested for randomness in my view I have never heard such rubbish ! I believe they are not random simply contact the gaming board for great Britain and someone there will explain that they are tested for randomness I have never heard drivel in my view I am very glad that the stake is getting reduced in my view these FOBTS do not offer fair game play the sooner the better the £2.00 stake is brought in the better well done to the minister for culture and media in the conservative party these FOBTS are nothing but the cancer of the high street and should be banned out right the bookmaker is just robbing vulnerable people and in my view couldnt care less even with the messages they have in there sop from gamcare highlighting a problem with gambling in my view because of there greed the government is now onto them and I am very pleased the stake will be £2.00 the sooner the better in my view also I am, very concerned about gambling advertising on Television in my view this should not be shown until after 12.00 am in the morning with the number of gaming sites advertising for customers it is totally ridiculous and totally outrageous in my view to operate like this I have also seen 4 bookmaking shops in one street I spoke to the bookmaker and he explained it is because of the FOBT machines not for sports betting etc it is total greed in my view and outrageous for the high street bookmaker to act like that anyhow the sooner the £2.00 stake comes in the better well done to the conservative party in other words the bookmaker in my view is just taking the high street customer for a fool even bookmaking mangers have explained that these machines apparently do not offer fair game play apparently most machines run on inspirion software SG GAMING and the bookmaker rents these machines THE £2.00 STAKE SHOULD BE BROUGHT IN NOW NOT NEXT YEAR

  17. Will Duggan

    I met a guy in college at 1982. He had amongst others, an A level maths, when A levels were harder than today. Quite a horse racing gambler, he related how hed drawn a book from the library detailing and studying the mathematics involved in roulette. I always remember him saying, Will, it was losing me! Who ever came up with the concept originally mustve been a real genius. That was one reason I chose to sit next to him throughout the course once I spotted his mathematical ability, I was by his side every lesson, without him, I would have never made it.

  18. john smith

    Not worth a sausage you wont win a farthing robbers these machines are all the bookie does is pray on vulnerable people

  19. Brian Anderson

    Pure fixed no 1 come out 5 times off the belt then 31 then no 1 again

  20. Paul Hayward

    Own up made euogh money 6 big house and over 25 million in your bank hind just hind

  21. marley Perry

    hahah woudnt leave all your winning slips like that in my bookies

  22. Brian Allen

    This is bullshit, the company set this up !!

  23. jay #1

    Its got demo written all over it

  24. Andrew Ross

    So pleased you got out pal. I’m closing in on three years gamble free. This took me back though. I was calling the numbers with you. Stay strong.

  25. Manish Thakur

    Ok so this is a machine hack , deposit 50 lose it quick deposit 100 try to lose it quick now deposit 500 the machine will let you win upto 850 easily no matter what u do and just cashout 800 to 850 and you have won a cool 200 to 250

  26. Mitjitsu

    Surely if youre betting 100 a spin you should be betting a least 3 on a number.

  27. Jordan Gilmore

    Hi guys! I have decided to create a pool where I will give people the chance to win £150 when all numbers 1-90 are filled. A live number generator will be the decider drawn on Facebook live.. just mail me what number you want and each number will cost £3. Money will be received to me and directly paid out by me through cash app.
    Cash app is very easy to download through play store or App Store.
    Goodluck all !
    Draws will take place 3 times a week when we accumulate enough players 🙂
    This is a chance for all of us ordinary people to win £150 and in this day in age it can go a long way !
    Just add the page and let’s win !!


    Can You play bingo keno on William Hill

  29. david jackson

    I am a gambling addict and will be a gambler until day I die. So I best try maintain self control as possible whenever gambling is concerned, I do this by try keeping a positive attitude and take money to gamble with only I can afford to lose. And whether lose or win with the set amount, be OK with that

  30. Nuno Simoes

    When you are a professional gambling you know how it works ,in the beginning of your gambling you always loose lots of money but if you smart and learn you will get your money back 😉

    1. Michael B

      Tell me how to win on football bet .

  31. Clara Smyth

    Organised crime simple as that so rigged its only gave this guy a few bob because the computer chip is reading to pay a little tgen its bsck to raping the lifd out of people all bookies are greedy scum

  32. hugh moore

    I count 21 numbers bet. Lets make it 20 numbers & then bet 5 straight up on each number because @ 35 : 1 payout. On any win you profit 175 — 95 = 80 + 5 bet back on any winner. So that makes it a loss of 100 & a win of 80. 18 numbers is an even money chance. Why you bet 10 on 1 number & on others its only 1 unit is beyond me ? After all the odds on every number is 35 : 1. I havent done it but anyone could test all the spins @ 5 units per number straight up & see if they make more profit ?

    Yep the machine is RNG & the program includes bet avoidance. You get beaten also by the artificial maximum bet of 100 units. Similar machines in a casino have a 500 unit limit. On line you can do even better with 1 unit to 75,000 units TABLE limit on some tables. I think the inside bet can be up to 750 units. Have a look at RocknRolla videos where some bets were 16,000 GBP but he won 128,000 GBP on one session. BR is important too. You dont have to bet high roller as the minimum bets are 1 GBP.

    FOBT get people in because they are convenient plus many people dont have a computer. Poor betting strategies is the downfall of a large % of players.
    I never play any RNG game only live dealer. I only play recreational & dont play every day/week. I dont relentlessly feed my hard earned into them. Nobody forces anybody to play them.

  33. Übermensch

    Ive been going in with a tenner every Saturday for the past 7 weeks, leaving as soon as I lose the tenner, but overall I have won 385£ off the back of £70 stake.

  34. Republicans are morons

    All the bad numbers in between were edited out. Look at the total skipping up and down throughout lol.

  35. Secular Slots

    Hi all. I just started my first slots/roulette channel! Come check it out and any positive/negative feedback is highly appreciated! Much love

  36. samantha davidson

    witnessed bet place on lucky 8 roulette numbers covered 46,47 lucky, and number 49 the bet was a £10.00 stake the ball only spun 6 times on these numbers covered when the bet was changed to number 1 on the roulette guess what number came out after it was changed number 46 this is not fair game play in my view and apparently these machines are rigged by teasing you its bias crooked and unfair roll on the £2.00 stake in April apparently in my view the bookmakers are just thieving from the public lets make sure we can get advertising and online regulated or limited or best even banned through the way these companies operate with TV advertising

  37. samantha davidson

    the worst diabolical machines out you never win the bookmaker is just robbing you and. I have evidence to prove it this is true this info witnessed someone playing odds at 2/1 betting £50.00 stakes not once did it come in the column that was bet on this person spun the wheel 9 times on the columns they has chosen and not once did the bet come in these diabolical FOBTS roulette machines are just robbing you it is not fair game play lets hope and pray the ban comes in very shortly

  38. ged woods

    Well considering all the bad runs I had on theses things. I does feel a little bit cheated on the fact I never had a run like that in my life lol. Would of been nice considering the depths I dropped to. Take your life these things. It’s not the money. It’s the state of mind. They mind fuck you and when all the moneys gone they drop you cold.

  39. D.B Plastering

    How much did you win all together

  40. Bradley Spall

    This is what u call a gambler addict. Having to record it and post it on the internet . He also calling the numbers before it lands which tells u he knows the spins before it lands. Big problems mate. Also showing the slips in what he won in ONE day now show us your bank statements u melt.

    1. Bradley Spall

      Hit a nerve lmao

    2. awilko0

      Bradley Spall next time read the video description before commenting you melt!

  41. Tommy T

    If you can’t afford to lose what’s in your wallet — don’t go into the bookies. It’s very simple. These machines are perfectly fine and good for the economy. Created hundreds of jobs, yet the nanny state want to step in and take them out. It’s time people stop being whinny bitches and take some control of their lives. Stop the sob stories — anyone losing more than they can afford needs a kick in the stones.

  42. Mahmood S

    How about you trade Forex. Lol. Why put money into a system that has the odds stacked against you. Do the maths or get fucked like you deserve!

  43. Mjbla 27

    Only retards and perverts gamble kids. Keep your money! Invest in something nice like a cute girlfriend or a cabin. Dont be a joker betting on a wheel. Only losers gamble.

  44. Just Ben

    I can never understand how anyone can put less than £3 on a number with a £100 spin. Because if it lands on that number its a losing spin. Im not hating, but it looks like you had a decent day. Those machines are owned by the devil. Be lucky mate.

  45. studas2011

    All good if you take the money and run, but if youre betting £100 a go sooner or later you will end up losing it all and the bookie ill be in profit.

  46. John Obrien

    £100 to £8 what type of bet is that

  47. Mish mash TV 1

    How much did you start with? And how much did you win and leave with?. I you lucky bastard

  48. R A

    Cancer of society. Played with my gambling friend 10 years ago and I still get impulses to try my luck on these machines a decade later even though I quit back then after losing 5k. The best thing the government ever did was limiting the machines to £2 a spin. THANK YOU for doing that! Its ruined the game for me, which will keep me away.

  49. Lentux Informatica

    Per tutti coloro che utilizzano William Hill per giocare, sicurante non sapete di avere questo bonus nascosto da riascoltare:

  50. SHADY S

    The thing is this guys not really winning…for (example) lets say over the whole time this guys been gambling hes lost around 15 thousand pounds mybe more looking at his high stakes here, This means even if he collects 2k today hes still 13+k in the minus so all your ever doing is recouping some of the money you lost in the first place.

    1. SHADY S

      awilko0 That’s good well done on that mate and as a former problem gambler myself I know how hard it is to stay away but you just have to keep telling yourself you can never win with these crack machines.

    2. awilko0

      Correct mate, I had some big wins, one occasion over £6000 from £300 but overall I lost much more. I have stayed away from gambling for over a year now, best decision I ever made.

  51. halima gogosh

    Fuck just lost 700 today Iam so stupid

  52. Michelle C

    How do you guess the number ? Asking for a friend haha

  53. G Grdcfyuu

    Roulette machines will easily take most of yr money. Roulette is actually quite difficult to win on. People dont walk when they are up

  54. MR M

    Never Ever have a losing number! Why out £1 or £2 on a £100 spin? Makes no sense. There is a thought that these machines HAVE to churn out a winning spin every number of spins. If you have numbers that lose you money but is a “winning spin” then the machine will target those numbers

  55. meena kaur

    how did you know what numbers were coming

  56. John Obrien

    These machines will rob you in the end it’s a very sad life to play these things they are rigged

  57. Nez Bit

    These machines will eventually ruin anyone who plays them. They are addictive and soulless and will make you a king in one spin and a pauper in the next. If you get involved with these then you are in trouble but you can stop any time you want! Just stop playing the and rebuild your life. I’m talking from experience and I’m doing really well since I fucked these bait traps right off! Just think to yourself “find another mug” good luck👍

  58. Jason Gruber

    The real game with a human spinning is only 47%, but I bet with this fake computer controlled game they program in a even worst percentage to win. I would never play on a fake computer game.

  59. Jimmy

    Love the camaraderie between roulette players. ZERO

  60. Samboy666

    Doing £100 spins why only put £1 on some numbers. Its just stupid

  61. Mukesh Makwana

    Fuck roulet. Takes all your money

  62. Against Voilence

    Hurry up
    Tomorrow is last day offer 73% bonus ♥️

  63. The Crow

    Thanks for the advice bro,too right gambling destroys lifes

  64. Imran Ali

    Fuck these machines they are cancer guys stay away

  65. Malik 007

    These machines are worse than drugs and alcohol

  66. Cameron Brown

    Man wore a suit to the bookies

  67. Ran with Angels

    I think every single person whom played and lost on these machines should be compensated for the massive loss of jobs, family and monies simply because we were all lied to about these machines, that they were random and the addiction they caused. At first it was a global draw which was fair. The ball would be released and if every single machine in the country was started at the same time, they would all get the same number, then 10 years ago they changed it, but still called it Global draw. What my argument is they got everyone addicted then changed the program which the result was everyone started loosing big money because its like a bandit, it will pay when its made the money required. They also stated the winning % was like 80-90% but that does not mean per machine it could be 1 day a year for all machines. The reason they changed it is simply they got greedy and wanted to make billions and the result is millions loosing their lives, families, jobs. Greedy bastards, i hope they get what they deserve in time. I pray these parasites will be banned from the High street forever.

  68. Marcel G

    Bis zu 100€ Gratiswetten mit dem
    Gutscheincode: DEU100

  69. Hellblazer311

    Whoever invented roulette should be killed.

    The wins dont reflect the odds of the win. Therefore, you are inevitably much more likely to lose than to win.

    Given that there are 37 numbers including the 0 and not 36, the win should be 37x. Then you would have a reasonable probability of maybe moving up, or maybe moving down.

    But at 36x, you are much more likely to move down than up.

  70. Freddie Tomlinson

    haha you are like my mate he can tell where is is going to land as soon as he press spin! addicts lmao

  71. Lucky Number

    please visit my new channel. 20 p roulette new 2020 fresh content.

  72. Malek London

    Are you skint now because is old years are you homeless now fuck that game devil

  73. Mariska Bloemendaal

    Just go for fun and only if you can mis it i once putt 45€ on 17 and it was in the casino for like 2mins instant left with the money never looked back

  74. Mr Amies

    good description bro .Why no one is making films how those ruined lifes

  75. Anthony Smith

    your the only punter I can watch hate those moaners , I live near Bangkok and sometimes cross the border to Poipet where there are huge casinos, no gambling Thailand, good thing about the casinos in Cambodia, poipet is cash in £300 and you get a free room with breakfast, you dont have to gamble….but we do! Check it out, great videos, I miss the £100 spins, I was in Britain the day it changed over, bloody boring, £2 !

  76. crawfs83

    How can he tell what number its gonna be as soon as hes pressed spin

    1. D M

      crawfs83 where the ball starts, it lands opposite, so starts at 8 it land zero!! In my case starts wherever and lands where I had fuck all

  77. Entertainment Science and Technology Zone EST Zone

    As I type this comment, this video has exactly 666 likes. Damn!!! It is the devils game for real.

    1. Boris The Blade

      We know that from the numbers, if you add them all up 1-36 it =666

  78. Lewis Dowsett

    Yep well said and well done mate…ruined my life nearly lost everything now doing all I can to never step foot in one of them shit bookies and play them fobts ever again

  79. If You Want Roulette Software- Knock me #Roulette

    If You Want Roulette Software ?

  80. wa wa.31

    english people are sheep you love roulette wheel you go to a real casino on real roulette

  81. BLANKA8

    Only a mong backs a number that pays less than the stake

  82. Sports Videos

    DO NOT GET INTO THIS. Just started few days ago and have already lost 500!

    1. Low-key Fibbanachi

      Sports Videos get yourself to casino more of a chance wining there lol

  83. thechase ison

    When I used to play these machines in Coral. If you pressed spin at exactly the same time on two different machines, the same number would come up every time. Dont know if this means if its legit or not, just saying.

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